Advice For Job Seekers

International Candidates Accredited employer Accredited Employer with Immigration New Zealand (INZ). This means that an employer is part of a group of NZ companies who are able to recruit globally and have employees’ talent visas fast tracked, often with a faster processing time. For further information go to

NZ Immigration Guide

The New Zealand Immigraton Guide is a great site that provides details of everything you want to know about living and working in NZ, including indicative salary ranges, average wages earned by location, cost of living calculators, supermarket prices etc.

Civil and Structural Engineering Candidates

If you’re ready to make a lifestyle change, then I’m the person to help you do it. I have been successful in assisting many people transfer not only their skills, but also countries. My aim is to “do it right the first time”.

My point of difference is the personal yet professional and confidential service I offer so even if it’s just a chat about what’s out there, give me a call. My highest satisfaction comes from successfully placing the right people in the right jobs and the continuing relationship it has established. Because in New Zealand it’s often about ‘who you know’ and with my name on the line, I want to make sure I uphold a positive and lasting reputation.

I represent various organisations all over New Zealand that are currently looking for skilled professional civil & structural engineers. Check out the job links for some of those current vacancies.

Career Coaching – highly recommended

We can also assist with the following:

FOR YOU:CV Preparation

  • Uncovering your skills, strengths and achievements
  • Documenting into a profile that you can use to market yourself to any future employers.
  • The truth about the market and what to look out for when applying

Interview Skills

  • Providing an insight into what employers are really wanting and what they expect from you.
  • How to answer the hard questions
  • Role play to gain confidence

Discover You (Counselling)

  • Reflecting on who you are and what you really want in life
  • Questioning the barriers that are obstructing you
  • Taking steps towards your new direction

Coaching (when you know what you want)

  • Personal Trainer to help you on the journey
  • Providing reality checks, perspective and encouragement
  • Action plans & follow up