David Law offers the following professional support services:

• Collective Employment Agreements with unions.
• Strategic advice and coaching in bargaining and negotiations
• Representing organisations at the bargaining or negotiating table

Employment Relations
• Personal grievances
• Disciplinary matters
• Advice on handling disciplinary issues

Human Resources
• Performance appraisal systems
• Induction and orientation
• Staff performance and conduct issues
• Exit packages
• Change management processes
• Restructuring and redundancies
• Experiential Learning
• Facilitation

• Advertising
• Interviewing and candidate selection
• Assisting with immigration matters
• Employment Agreements
• Collective and Individual employment agreements
• Employment policies and procedures
• Manuals and handbooks

Management Development Programmes
• Harassment Prevention
• Privacy
• Human Rights
• Performance & disciplinary processes
• Employment law

All this service and more!……………………. Leadership, management, workplace cultures, innovation and technology, investing in people, organisational development, dealing with unions and employment law changes are all continuous challenges that are faced by every employer.

Human resources must be taken seriously and its contribution viewed as adding value, not cost. The challenge is for businessess to understand and accept this concept. HR is about working with the business to accurately budget and forecast hard and soft costs and demonstrate the true value of staff investment.

When time is not on your side and websites aren’t enough, let me lead you through the processes and help turn your business into a profitable, productive and enjoyable environment for staff, customers and stakeholders alike.

As it is with the IT industry so it is with the human resource environment. Change is inevitable and as technology improves so does the quality of personnel and only those companies/organisations that apply the best practice principles will be in it for the long haul. People provide the knowledge, skills, enthusiasm and energy in your business. They are your most valuable asset. Invest wisely.